Stevan Jennis
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Shovel 2000
mixed media
h:23", l:10", w:4"

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House In Rust
House, 2003
mixed media
h:24", l:33", w:23"

Plymouth, 2005
mixed media
h:7", l:29", w:10"

Robodog 2005
mixed media
h: 15", l: 22", w: 6:5"

Ship 2002
mixed media
h:23", l:43", w:11"

 Observatory In Rust
Observatory 2002
mixed media
h:19", l:22", w:22"
Plaid Dog 
Plaid Dog 1975
wood, paint
h:37", l:22", w:16"

Mouse, 2005
mixed media
h: 17", l: 18", w: 16"
Shoe 1999
mixed media
h: 14", l:22", w:9"
Flying Saucer
Flying Saucer
wood, 1975

Robodog in Blue